Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.

Most Common Questions

The cost of a website can vary depending on your requirements. Though, our website projects generally start in the ₹3,000 range for basic business sites and range upward depending on your unique needs. Having a website and a mobile app together may go up to ₹40,500. Want to know what it will take to create your website? click here, and we will get in touch with you.
At CodeMites DevOps, the cost of your project entirely depends on your requirements. We will try to do the best job in the least amount possible. Our developers will create cutting-edge products for your business keeping in view your audience and market. Come, share your requirements with us and let us get started by building your brand and taking it online. Click Here to get a free quote for your requirements.
At CodeMites DevOps, we use some of the modern technologies to create products for you. We may create your web application in Laravel 5.7 and Vue.JS for speed and security. However, we can switch to closed source technologies like ASP.NET, Azure Services to deploy your product. But again it depends on your requirements and the type of your requirements too. Know more about the technologies we use. Click here
At CodeMites DevOps, we always create a beta version of your product, you will always be able to see what the developers have done so far. Finally, when the product is complete our developers will deploy it to prouction. You will then be given access to your administrator section. Click here to speak to our representative and know more about our working in detail.
Creating a website for your business may take anywhere between 12 days to a couple of months. The process may even go for years depending upon the complexity of the modules in your website. At CodeMites DevOps, our developers will work for the deadlines and finish off in time. Our reputation in the market is no secret. Want to know how much time it will take to create yours? Click here to contact with us.

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